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Welcome to the CMTA Family

Central Maryland Training Academy has been in business since June 2020. Since opening we've trained over 800 students and counting. With more than half receiving their Handgun Qualification License, or Permit to Carry a firearm for their businesses or careers. Here at CMTA we strive and push for results. We have two knowledgeable, qualified, well trained Instructors with over 25 years of experience between them.

In March 2021, we were able to open our second location in Woodlawn, MD to better accommodate the high demand of students and classes. With now 2 convenient locations in Owings Mills & Woodlawn, our instructors are eager to educate & train those individuals who are willing and wants to invest in themselves.

We thank you for choosing Central Maryland Training Academy, and guess what?


Why We Train

We train to ensure everyone has the opportunity to their inalienable right to bear arms. While it is our hope that none of our students have to use the firearms training we provide, we have to go with the "better safe than sorry" model due to the increased violence prevalent across America. 

Please provide a detailed report of why you decided to enter the training arena and that information will be placed here. Also, please identify the photo you would like to use n this page. 

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